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Grandfather Clock Repair LLC is a one man operation. I repair mechanical clocks of all types and I specialize in Grandfather/Floor Standing/Tall Case Clocks, both chime rod and tubular bell style.  I make "house calls" for these and other types of clocks because moving clocks can be a complicated process. I also offer packing, unpacking, set-up and complete local/regional moving services for clocks.

A typical House Call includes:
*Diagnosing any problems.
*Removing the clock movement from the cabinet.
*Extremely thorough cleaning of the clock movement or "works".
*Expert application of specialized synthetic clock oil and appropriate lubricants.
*Adjustment of worn or bent parts including adjustment of the escapement.
*Complete set up and reassembly of the clock restoring it to good working order.
*Electronic "Rating" to regulate the speed the clock runs at.

The "House Call" process "fixes" 90-95% of the clocks I get calls for. I carry a large variety of parts with me so that I can replace things such as missing screws, hand nuts or broken suspension springs immediately. An additional parts charge may apply.

I recommend that a mechanically powered clock should be cleaned and oiled, at a minimum, once every five years (some people recommend as often as every two years). The fact is that many of the clocks I see do not EVER get oiled until they stop. Fortunately clocks are made to run even in a worn condition so many times a thorough job of cleaning and oiling will be all they need to keep running for years to come.

When the clock bushings get so worn out that it will not run, I will recommend rebuilding or overhauling the clock movement. Many times I can do this process on site so your clock will be up and running the same day! When I rebuild clocks, I offer a two year guarantee (the same length guarantee as a new clock).  In some cases it is advisable to replace a clock movement with a new one if available. I also offer this guaranteed service.

I stand behind my work. You can depend on me to get your mechanical clock ticking again for now and decades to come.

Feel free to call me to discuss your clock needs.

- Bill McIlvaine

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