Now through the wonders of technology - You may be able to fix your own clock with my remote assistance! This service will be perfect if you just have a minor problem like - "The pendulum fell off" or "my clock isn't ringing the right hour" or if you want to move your own clock and you want some advice. The Charge is just $25 for a 15 minute session and if it doesn't work you can apply it as a discount on an in-person house call from me.  Call me now at (310)962-7911 and we will get your clock going again!

 A Virtual House call is a VIDEO CALL so you have to have the ability (or a friend with the ability) to make a two way video call like on an I-Phone with the "Facetime" App or on a tablet or laptop computer using "Google Hang-outs".

The Virtual House Call

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